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Jenni and Kris | Fun in the Giant Sandbox

” A friend is someone who knows the song of your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten theView full post »

Allison and JD | You Can’t Help But Smile.

I don’t know what it is…maybe it has to do with our puppies asleep at my feet? Or maybe, like a moth to oneView full post »

Engagement photos in San Clemente

Kristina and Eric | A Perfect Match

We spotted them. Sitting on a bench, her head lay gently on his shoulder as they looked out across the ocean andView full post »

The Mission in San Juan Capistrano, Engagement photography

Amanda and Eric’s Engagement

A photo shoot for Erin and I is very much something we need to prepare for..even before our engagement sessions we do aView full post »

orange county engagement photography

An afternoon with Kate and Chris…they’re engaged!

Kate and Chris…what can we say about these two who are becoming such dear friends of ours. We’ve beenView full post »

Natalie and Ryan’s Engagement at the San Juan Mission

So we were hoping this blog post would be coming to you from our brand new blog, but alas, we’re still populatingView full post »

Dana Point Engagement Photography | Heather and Tyler

To say this engagement session was special for us would be an understatement. Erin in particular since she first metView full post »

Oceanside Engagement Photography: Allison and Scott

*PHEW* It has been one crazy week, let met tell ya. And thus, on Wednesday, our marathon of engagement sessions came toView full post »

Malibu Engagement Photography: Amber and Paul

*** PREFACE: Holy wow, I’ve been staring at my computer screen for the better part of ten minutes trying to thinkView full post »

Orange County Engagement Photography: Malori and Naji

We’ve all been there. It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week. Most of us are scrounging around to musterView full post »

Orange County Engagement: Allison and Jake (and Rusty)

Allison and Jake are so much fun. These two, when they are together, light up one another’s worlds. During ourView full post »

Newport Beach Engagement: Briana and Brandon

Briana and Brandon have quite a story…and it began in a sandbox! They’ve known one another since the 3rdView full post »

San Juan Capistrano Mission: Brittanie and Tomas’ Engagement!

The lights dimmed atop the penthouse restaurant. All except the one  chandelier above them. A maitre d’ appearedView full post »

Kristianna and Bryan’s Engagement in Laguna Beach!

So this guy walks into a bar… Now, I know what you’re thinking…and no I’m not about to delightView full post »

Sarah and Ryan’s Engagement Session in Dana Point!

Ah…it’s the first day of Summer, and love is in the air! But we couldn’t start off our week withoutView full post »