The Wades are a husband and wife team who love connecting with and drawing out the genuine moments and personalities of their couples on a wedding day.

    Gavin and Erin are known for using natural light to capture relaxed and fun portraits, gorgeous details, and all of the joyful candid moments in between!

Kristina and Eric | A Perfect Match

We spotted them.

Sitting on a bench, her head lay gently on his shoulder as they looked out across the ocean and crashing waves. I know what you’re thinking, because we were thinking the same thing..that would be such a great photo!!!

You see, they didn’t even know we were there and it was time to start shooting. That was just them, being with one another like they’ve done the past couple years, just enjoying the lives they get to share with one another. I almost wish we didn’t call out to them, because Erin and I could have captured their entire engagement session with them on that bench and it would have been amazing.

BUT, we decided to go the much less creepy route and say ‘hi’ and go on to have an amazing afternoon with these two down by the pier in San Clemente. It was a gorgeous day, and an even more breath-taking sunset. We had the best time just talking and getting excited about their wedding day coming up! Also, unbeknownst to us, we all shared a common bond; we’re all walking advertisements for online dating! haha. Before we ever even picked up a camera, Erin and I met on EHarmony over 3 years ago, and Kristina and Eric met on Match.com. It was really fun hearing how they came to know one another and get to where they are today! It’s amazing where you can find your soulmate.

Kristina and Eric, we hope you enjoy a few of our favorite moments from our time together; we can’t wait for your wedding day!

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